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Edval consultants are highly skilled and have a wealth of experience gained from working with a wide variety of schools.

In addition to support and timetable construction, we provide consultancy services to schools on a range of timetable related enquiries. Examples of services that we have provided are:

  • State government and new schools: are there enough class rooms of the right type?
  • Individual schools: model curriculum structures for delivery of a new curriculum or to make better use of resources
  • Group of schools: how best to co-ordinate timetables to optimise resources. We have years of experience at Enterprise level
  • Emergency support: Things can go wrong sometimes, we can help your school work through any timetabling issues you have.


    Timetabler in Residence

    Outsource your timetable to Edval: The Timetabler in Residence service is an Edval consultant who works with a school throughout the year to build and maintain the timetable file. The benefits to the schools are:

  • No need to train users
  • Fair and equitable timetable construction from an impartial and objective viewpoint
  • A responsive and dedicated resource backed by the Edval team
  • Depth of experience, knowledge and skill giving a better end result


    Christian Brothers College – Early adopters of the Timetabler in Residence program

    Operating a school on an inefficient timetable can be expensive and lead to poor educational outcomes. Writing a timetable can also be expensive! Our Timetabler in Residence program pairs a school with an Edval timetabling expert for the best, most efficient result.

    Deb’s strength is that she can dedicate her whole time to [timetabling], whereas my time is often pulled in lots of different directions, and I might not get the concentrated time that she can put in.

    To have someone purely focussed on the best possible timetable for a school is a real advantage. Deb largely works remotely, so I’ll email her things and ask her to do them for me, and then she’ll get back to me fairly promptly.

    Dr Sean Mangan, Assistant Principal of Learning, Christian Brothers College, Adelaide

    Remote School Construction

    This is a special bundle package include the Edval software, data migration, access to our online training course and our much loved construction service. This package offers tremendous value for small and remote schools that often struggle with staff turnover.

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