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Articles have been published in educational magazines, as a result of our research into school timetabling. Links to these articles below:

The Cost of Timetabling
Most see timetabling as a task, and the cost in terms of ‘completion’ costs. But the much larger costs are the timetable running costs. Want to save your school $50k pa? Read on – the answer may lie in how you timetable!

Staffing too precious?
Technology can now deliver your school better quality staffing assignments than can be done manually. Algorithms enable fewer undesirable staffing swaps, to make the timetable work. Want to improve the quality of your staffing? Read on!

Clairvaux McKillop College Case Study
Shalom College Case Study
Magna Carta School UK Case Study and Letter of Recommendation
Showcases three schools actual transformation from their old timetable software and business process, to Edval’s – with major benefits.

The Art of Classlist Management
Algorithms provide better balanced class lists than can be done manually. Size, gender, ability, socially are all aspects considered. Humans tweak the generated result, which is better than doing class lists manually from scratch. And much faster!

Elective Lines – Driving your timetable Part 1
Elective Lines – Driving your timetable Part 2
Elective Lines – Driving your timetable Part 3
Understand the philosophy of generating elective lines. Are you really listening to the student voice? Are you catering to their needs as best can? Are you using technology to assist you determining which classes to run or cut? Re-think the whole process. Read on!

Rethinking timetable rooming – Part 1
Rethinking timetable rooming – Part 2
Get science classes into labs for more periods. How? Algorithms can make a major improvement in rooming consistency, and specialist room access. Who owns the rooms? Re-think how you manage and schedule your physical resources.

Parent Teacher Night – Scheduling makes all the difference!
Parent Teacher Night – Busting Myths
Moving from paper booking (via students)  to online interview booking (via parents) is great.
But to take it to the next level, re-think the scheduling method. Timetable interviews, don’t just book them. Massive benefits. No submission time bias, many more interviews running than if using a basic online booking system, and far less parents on-site. Why? Their schedules are managed holistically – instead of parents booking slots ‘where they can’. Rethink the whole parent teacher interview process.

Bowral High
Chatswood High School
Read letters of support for Edval’s initiative to promote timetabling of parent teacher night schedules as a high priority.

A new era of system integration: LISS!
School systems need to be highly integrated. Far more important than one single enterprise system that lacks diversity (or end user $ voting rights) – is agreed global protocols for data connectivity. Enterprise should focus on their hub, and data integration protocols like LISS and SIF. Gone are data islands and multiple vendor specific API’s. The world has changed. Is your system compatible with common connectivity standards in a plug-and-play, secure architecture?

Should schools have one big Admin system?
Large educational entities are historically so focussed on the ‘One’ big school enterprise system. This model consistently fails, and has serious compromises. Read how commercial pressures on multiple approved vendors works far better. A hub and spoke model that gives schools choice of best-of breed systems, while the enterprise hub has global visibility and management of the data.

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