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Edval software is purpose built to satisfy the complex requirements of secondary education curricula and deliver quality timetables that promote learning.

Edval’s flag ship timetabling product. This is the leading timetabling system in Australia. We have been developing this product for 20 years and it has continued to evolve as schools change the way they deliver education. This system has all the tools, features and algorithms to fully generate a timetable automatically, manually and everywhere in between.

Auto Scheduling – Powerful algorithms manage many requirements, producing timetables with unsurpassed solution quality. We have algorithms for curriculum structuring, staffing, rooming, elective line generation, subject selections, playground duty rosters, class list management and much more.

School knowledge – The school corporate knowledge in a timetable is immense. Schools often find themselves exposed when the school timetabler suddenly resigns or steps down at short notice. Our software captures all the vital knowledge for your school and stores it safely in an encrypted file complete with auto backups. When you have an Edval license, you have the ultimate back up team standing by ready to help when things get tricky. Check out our consultancy services below.

Roster – add layers of scheduled data to a timetable which are helpful for teachers’ planning and organisation.

  • Playground duty rosters created in seconds taking into account a wide range of factors

  • Study classes by exception – It’s so easy! We simply take all students that have a free period and group them in a study class which can be roomed and staffed if required. The list is dynamic, so as students class memberships change, so to, do the study classes.

  • OnCall rosters are great for schools that use internal staff for day to day cover. Teachers love seeing these on their timetables as it enables better planning and virtually eliminates issuing surprise covers to teachers.

Elective lines – A student lead approach. Satisfy more students with fewer classes. This tool is suitable for any schooling system. We support:

  • Single stream line generation – very common in NSW

  • Staged electives, also common in NSW Stage 5 years, VCE blocks in VIC

  • Whole school block generation, suitable for QLD state schools still using the OneSchool System.

  • Semesterised electives – very common in VIC, SA and WA

  • Save thousands of dollars by optimising your lines! Curious? Ask us how.

Class lists – Powerful class list management tools that understand complex curriculum structure. If you have banded or streamed classes in certain subject areas, our class lists management tools can organise the list into helpful student groups.

  • Easily update class lists with drag and drop functionality

  • Manage student social relationships with our pairing and separation tools

  • Algorithmic searches for round robin swaps enable student movement across lines. This feature is known to save hours of class list updates for larger schools

Edval takes your cyclical timetable and applies this to your schools calendar using our Daily Pack. The Daily pack comes inclusive of 3 modules, all designed to work seamlessly together for the benefit of school executives, daily organiser, teachers and students. This suite of systems gives all stakeholders live and up to date timetables complete with teacher changes, room changes, excursions, events and even exam timetables.

School calendar – Setup the calendar for the whole year with terms or semester class changes. Gone are the days where timetablers have to update the timetable before a new semester. Our system does this automatically by loading the prescheduled rotation timetable

Exam scheduling – A powerful module used by the NSW BOS to schedule the NSW HSC exam timetable. Leveraging our powerful clash resolution algorithms, we can eliminate or minimise exam clashes while also load balancing students and given them a good spread of exams which allow for better preparation and reduces stress and burn out during this busy time.

Absences – Manage classes that need covering or perhaps merge classes. We keep track of teacher’s load and can suggest the best teacher for any given cover based on a variety of criteria which include teacher experience, subject level preference, teacher’s load for the day and even their load for the cycle. We support all the categories when covers classes.

Excursions – Schedule excursions, assign teachers and easily cover classes. Our event registration feature allows you to easily register students to the event when the criteria is met. What to do with the non attending students? Easy! Create a supervision event and register those kids to that event, schedule it to the timetable, staff and room it.

EdvalStaff is the second module of the DailyPack. This multi user modules gives all teacher access to the timetable. Your teachers can search teacher, student and room timetables, book rooms and equipment, access rosters and daily bulletins and enjoy all the great features of Edval’s class list management tools. The best part is…..access to the timetable data is read only which is great news for those schools with, let’s say, teachers who are not as tech savvy as some of us…..

EdvalStudent is the third and final module of the DailyPack. This module is designed to sit at the front office and displays all changes for the day. Students can sign in to school late and also sign out of school early. Visitor passes are also supported. We support all types of readers and docket printers.
WebChoice is Edval’s online student portal designed for subject selection, prefect voting, sport choices and more. Cost effective, easy to setup and flexible. Validate choices, setup co-requisite courses, email student access details and results.




EdvalPTN is our priority based, batch algorithm generated schedules that are fair for everyone. We can solve the common problems of parent and teacher time waste, congestion and queues. Parent engagement is critical to students schooling lives and Parent Teacher Nights are crucial for connecting parents with teachers on a human and personal level. Engagement suffers if events are poorly run and managed. Our system boosts parent involvement at events overall – it is just so easy!

Parents Win

  • Less waiting, more efficient, fair preference based allocation

Teachers Win

  • Request priority interviews, less effort in setup, lower idle time

Students Win

  • More targeted interviews, better educational outcomes

Schools Win

  • Reduce facility use, less staff effort, more control, more transparency



Edval consultants have a wealth of experience gained from working with a wide variety of schools.
Ask us about

  • emergency timetable support
  • timetable construction
  • curriculum modelling
  • re-structuring

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