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Beyond the individual school level, the Edval team is regularly called upon to consult with government departments and other educational bodies regarding their more complex needs.

Edval software has a number of functions that support timetabling at more complex levels than just a single school. Our technology is being actively used in this space at various levels. This includes the ability to timetable more than one school within a single file, and supporting multiple different timetabling grids with different Bell times and structures within the one file. Some of the highlights of our successful enterprise level consulting and timetabling projects include:

  • Non-Government

  • Government

  • Board of Studies

  • International

  • Integration

Catholic Education South Australia
  • In 2008 we won the recommendation by CESA as the preferred timetabling software supplier to all their schools
  • Over 75% of CESA secondary schools use our services
  • Provided consulting to CESA at the time of the implementation of the new SACE.

  • Deliver Enterprise timetabling services to each multi-campus school in this group.
  • Provided consulting advice, and assisted in the generation of centralised timetabling within the group.

Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation
  • Deliver timetabling services to all schools in this group.
  • Conducted group training and consulting to deputy principals from group
  • Actively generated timetables collaboratively with some schools from this group.
  • Assisted the group in switching all schools to ‘timetabling’ of parent teacher interviews (instead of older ‘booking’ method).

Christian Community Ministries
  • Deliver timetabling services to all schools in this group.
  • Conducted group training and consulting to deputy principals from group
  • Actively generated timetables collaboratively with some schools from this group.

Northern Territory Christian Schools
  • Deliver timetabling services to all schools in this group.
  • Conducted group training and consulting to deputy principals from group
  • Actively generated timetables collaboratively with some schools from this group.

Aurora College
The NSW Virtual Selective High School, which provides students in rural and remote areas with the opportunity to study specialist subjects using the latest technology. Edval worked closely with the college to:
  • Provide high-level consulting to the NSW Dept of Education on managing a centralised remote delivery timetable that must be integrated with a large number (130+) of partner schools own on-site timetables
  • Generate training and other resources and assist in generating the centralised Aurora College timetable
  • Deliver training on how to integrate local school timetables with the Aurora College master timetable.
  • Deliver training workshops to schools all over NSW, including those not yet using the Edval timetable system.

Albert Park Secondary College
  • Contracted by the Victorian Dept of Education to conduct a timetable modelling project, based on architectural plans on this inner-city school that was still at the planning stage when the timetable modelling project was raised.
  • Generated multiple timetables based on architecturally advised room sizes and layouts, mapped against the standard Victorian curriculum.
  • Highlighted issues that we believed may negatively impact the ability of the school to support the total proposed student numbers.
  • Several years after the school was built and had been operating, they came to Edval for their core timetabling, citing issues that were impacting their ability to support the total proposed student numbers, as our modelling predicted.

Arthur Phillip High School
  • Contracted by Public Schools NSW to conduct timetable modelling for NSW’s proposed largest and first high rise high school. $100 million project for a new 10x story, inner city school.
  • Generated a number of timetable scenarios based on architectural plans, catering for up to 2000 students being delivered the Australian curriculum. Analysed floorplans and lift access, and considered timetabling in the context of reducing student movement and pressure on limited lift availability for large volumes of students.
  • Provided consulting to the Department to give confidence the architectural plans would result in the school that could be successfully timetabled efficiently, and provided a number of recommendations about how efficiencies could be further improved at the design stage.

NSW Public Schools
  • Edval services at least 60% of the NSW State high school market in timetabling, including daily organisation, exam and parent teacher night software.
  • Despite having a majority share of the market, our (churn rate) loss of client schools using our timetabling product over the last three years is 0% – rounded to the nearest percent point. This shows an unusually high degree of client satisfaction with our technology.

    HSC timetable – NSW Board of Studies
  • Contracted by Peter Feary, Manager, Exam operations branch, to assist the Board of Studies in generating HSC examination timetables that are taken by over 70 000 secondary students in NSW, over many weeks.
  • Developed enterprise examination timetabling functions to support large student numbers against complex requirements such as managing religious exclusion days.
  • We were able to generate timetables that reduced HSC exam clashes well beyond previous levels, and schedules that were more spread-out for students, allowing more balanced study time, and less pressure
  • Provided consulting advice to the Department on ways to improve the efficiency of the examination timetable, including marking.
  • Received a positive letter of reference and thanks, for our work on this important project.

We have a growing number of clients all over the world including England, Ireland, USA, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Bangladesh. We also conduct in-country training, and attend international educational conferences.

Brunei Ministry of Education

  • Won a national tender to provide timetabling systems to all schools in the country of Brunei.
  • Delivered training on timetabling to support staff in-country, as well as local school administrators.

  • Brunei TrainingSprintville Technology Partnership

  • Co-founding member of the LISS Protocol, being the standard and now most common way school administration software is integrated in Australia, supported by a wide variety of major vendors including Edumate, Sentral, Compass, iWise and more.
  • Provided direct consulting advice and have been a major influence in the standards being created for SIF au (relating primarily to timetabling daily changes and attendance). SIF au is a government supported integration protocol and data schema. While the SIF protocol has some global use, it’s not yet used much in Australia, but is proposed as the government preferred integration format. Edval supports SIF right now.
  • As part of our work driving integration, Edval was the initiator of an open letter to the NSW Department of Education, from all major software vendors active in NSW. This resulted in a beneficial meeting with the department regarding integration. The letter and meeting was well supported by the founders of companies such as Sentral, Millenium, FirstClass Human Edge, TimeChart and more – even though several of these are direct competitors to Edval.The photo organised at the department offices shows that vendors put aside commercial concerns in relation to integration, and support an open model which allows vendors to compete on functionality, not on access to a blocked system which only allows a single provider. Edval continues to be a leader in the integration space, which is critical for efficient enterprise services.

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