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We have been using Edval for timetabling, daily covers and subject selection for over two years now. It has revolutionised the way that we timetable at Coomera Anglican College and allowed us to tailor our timetable to meet the needs of a greater number of our students. The ongoing technical support has been second to none and no question is ever too silly. We would highly recommend Edval software to any educational institution looking to streamline their timetabling and subject selection processes.

Mark Sly, Principal, Coomera Anglican College

The team at Edval have worked hard to bring 9 of our schools on board with Edval all at the same time. The training sessions were well structured and well presented. Following the training program, staff at our schools were competent to create a full school timetable of their own. The support and insight offered by the Edval trainers was also invaluable to our schools’ timetabling staff. The level of individualisation which the Edval team was able to provide to our schools was excellent. The many positive outcomes from using this software make the investment a very wise one.

Terrence McCorkell, Chief Operations Officer, Christian Community Ministries

Our school began to use EdVal Timetables after a demonstration held in September of 2015. The quality of service and software that we received was at the highest standard, as was the training and support. We were quickly able to migrate and integrate Edval into our timetabling process and it was able to save us countless man hours and resources in terms of improving the efficiency of the timetabling process.

In addition, the benefits of the software have been on-going with our school’s migration to the Edval Daily and Staff software which have significantly improved the schools daily organization and allowed for savings which have made the cost of the software cost-neutral.

Edval Timetables is the best timetabling software for high schools in NSW and superior to other timetabling systems that I have experienced working in the Department of Education.

Owen Hayes, HT Administration, Cambridge Park High School

Edval is the best timetabling program that I have worked with. It is more than just their timetabling package called Edval, there is also EdvalDaily and EdvalStaff which all integrate together to get the different parts of the job done that you need. There is also a WebChoice and a Parent Teacher Night scheduling package. No matter how complicated a timetable you may have, Edval and the Edval team can find a solution for you. I would recommend Edval and their suite of packages because it is the best product on the market at the moment. The staff are friendly and respond quickly to any enquiry.

Anthony Gorman, Director of Studies, Trinity Catholic College

Edval has been great to work with, I have found it time efficient, cost effective and quite easy to traverse. The support has been fantastic. I would definitely recommend Edval to another school because of the way it’s made the whole process easier especially the daily organiser. I have used several products and this is by far the best. 

Mark Baldwin, Assistant Principal, Brigidine College, Randwick

I have enjoyed working with Edval. As I gain more experience, I am finding that it can do almost everything I need in both timetabling and the management of the daily running of the school. In timetabling, it is quite intuitive to use and in daily management, I like the immediacy of the system, particularly the way that staff can input things like room changes on the fly. The Casual teachers (and permanent staff!) find the Day Sheets very clear and easy to follow. I have had great service from Edval. The help line is very quick, and Mary Farrugia has been magnificent in setting up our timetable and solving problems and answering all my questions at unsociable times of the day and night. I’d definitely recommend Edval to other schools – I think it works well within the Catholic system.

Amanda Brooker, Leader of Teaching Administration, Bethany College

In a word.. Brilliant! User friendly, great integration with daily organiser. I would recommend Edval without hesitation, it’s a one stop shop. All components are very handy to have. This product is second to none. It’s simplified the whole process.  

Mick Cameron, Administration Coordinator, Champagnat Catholic College Pagewood

Using a more complex vertical structure with Yr12 and 11 which Edval enabled us to sort out with ease, we saved over 37 periods. This is equivalent to saving over one full time teaching load!

Tom Massarella, HT Administration, Dapto High School

Our school has saved about $8000 this year on the casual teacher budget alone, solely through using Edval’s daily cover module, which makes this possible with clever tools. This is above, and far more than the cost of the software itself!

Tania Turik, Deputy Principal, Pittwater High School

My first introduction to Edval was its Elective Line Module. I was in the process of having to cut teaching resources and I was hoping to limit the negative effect on students. The results I got from Edval were amazing and allowed me to make the resource savings while at the same time improving my ability to provide the students with their preferred subjects. I was initially concerned about learning a new timetable package but have been greatly impressed by the results. The approach of Edval is quite intuitive and easy to learn with the help of an excellent manual, on-line video demonstrations and an excellent support team. Everything about the Edval system is vastly superior to the software I had been using. Its ability to automatically and efficiently assign teachers to classes was a particularly intelligent feature that saved a huge amount of time. I was able to use it to produce a far more complex timetable while at the same time improving the outcome. It is without hesitation that I would recommend this product that has the potential to bring about positive change to any school.

Colm Keher, Principal, Loreto Secondary School, Kilkenny, Ireland.

The College really does appreciate the fantastic support we always receive from the team at Edval.

George Harb, Assistant Headmaster: Admin, St Patrick's College, Strathfield

We cut our split classes from 188 not using Edval, to 83 with Edval (we have many part timers who cause most of the splits now). For example when I was Head Teacher Science, I never had less than 17 split classes. This year they have 8. Creative Arts had 30+ splits, they have 6. Home Economics have gone from 30+ splits to 12. Amazing!

Darrell Shephard, Relieving Principal, Kiama High School

As a very large Victorian State school, we have always had the need for quality timetabling and resource management software. Doncaster SC has progressed over many years through several timetabling systems. Each step has led to better use of resources, and better quality solutions. We have found Edval to be the most suited to our needs, as it has demonstrated to have the best elective line processing algorithms and resource considerations, appears to be the most integrated with other systems like VASS, and is very easy to use. The staff here love it as they now do their own room bookings, and can even book into rooms which are only vacant on an ad-hoc basis due to excursions, which maximises occupancy rates of our specialist rooms. The daily management of covers is excellent and it is so easy to find staff and as Edval’s system is very accessible to everyone in the school. We are very pleased with Edval, and would happily recommend it to others.

Mr Jeff Pavlou, Assistant Principal, Doncaster Secondary College VIC

Although I am not as directly involved in the switch to EDVAL timetabling as Julie or Mark and the team, I do want to express my appreciation for the attention and prompt response you give us when issues are raised. Your capacity to integrate our complex curriculum structure into the EDVAL capabilities is very impressive indeed and would not have been a simple process. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

Colin Skene, Principal, Beverly Hills Girls High School

I am very happy – the school timetable is now ready four weeks before school ends!

Yugen Pillay, Head Teacher, Computing Studies, North Sydney Boys High School

The whole experience with edval has been great. I have gone from learning the old pin board method from the older time tablers in my school to using edval where I was able to come up with solutions they always told me weren’t possible. I have also been able to accommodate all requests from the various faculties, something which has never happened before! Needles to say, my school is very happy with Edval.

Kevin Poulton, Timetabler, Nowra High School

My experience with Edval, was that once we allowed it to work as it was designed to we had the most stable, complaint free timetable that we have had for a number of years. However, when we were trying to make Edval work the way we thought it and a timetable should work we ended up with user generated compromise. Likewise an Edval only exam timetable ran like a charm whereas an Edval, come manual adjusted, come spreadsheet exam timetable was a disaster!!! Chris, I hope you have heard me say before that ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it’ is a very good reason to try a NEW approach.

Nicola Taylor, Principal, Sutherland Shire Christian School

Edval was introduced to us by a colleague in a sister school who found the package effective and user friendly. We introduced it in to our school on a trial basis for the first year. With this package, we found it very easy to make changes to the timetable when it was up and running. These included room changes, students changing classes, teacher changes etc. Change it once and it changed everywhere. No more incorrect lists! It was particularly helpful in generating class lists for subject choices. No more weekends sitting creating class lists trying to minimise the number of students missing their preferred choices. Once the data was inputted, simply click on the “elective line” and in seconds, the system generated the lists for you in the most efficient way, maximising student preferences. “Rolling over” the timetable from one year to the next is another important feature that does a lot of the groundwork in creating the timetable. We have since rolled out the EdvalDaily and EdvalStaff packages and they have proved very popular with the staff in the day to day running of the school. We are also introducing the roll call system so each teacher can take attendance in their class.

A major concern of ours at the start was the level of training and support we would receive as we operate in a very different time zone on a far away continent. However, these concerns were unfounded as Cathy and her team have proved very helpful through out the whole process. Support and advice has been available through e-mails, phone calls and Skype and Cathy has travelled to Ireland each year to provide training to the growing number of Edval users here. Edval is a system that has proved very successful in our school and one that will be used for years to come.

Francis Carolan, Deputy Principal, Loreto High School, Beaufort, Ireland

Each year we have to set up twelve Yr7 form groups, for about 300 students, based on requests to put some students together while keeping others apart. In addition, we have a complex Lote and lap top class arrangement. This takes us several days of manual shuffling using spread sheets. Edval was able to deliver a solution for us in about 30 minutes. In addition, all the data was in electronic form and this saved us having to type all this information back into an Admin program. We were very happy with the time Edval saved us, and more importantly that the result was a better educational mix of students than could be realistically achieved if the process was done manually.

Tim Natolie Head of Middle School Balwyn HS VIC

I am delighted with your product so far as is the person working with me. Regards, Cathy.

Catherine Walton, Deputy Principal - Teaching & Learning, Birrong Boys High School

We are keen to use the edval system again this year for our Parent / Teacher interviews. We were very happy with the system last year.

Paul Mameghan, Learning Technologies Leader, Northcote High School, VIC

Very impressed by the Parent Teacher Night process. I received unsolicited feedback:
eg “This new system is excellent, whoever chose to use this system made a great decision. Well done.” and “Congratulations on the new system for booking parent-teacher interviews. It was perfect with no time wasted.” The clock display and chimes were excellent. Thank you for your assistance in the implementation of the process. I have found EdvalPTN to be a great product. It promised much and certainly delivered on it’s promises.

Robert Dowdell, Deputy Principal, Sydney Boys High School

The EdvalPTN system has to be one of the easiest I have set up, and our parents found it great – it was a huge improvement on the paper based system we used to use. Interestingly several teachers remarked that it made far more parents attend, and especially parents who they want to see – rather than only seeing parents of the good students. We were pleased with this change, and see it as a more educationally beneficial approach to organising our parent teacher interview events.

Wendy White, Director of Operations, Thomas Hassall Anglican College, NSW

Educational administration at this school is benefiting enormously from Edval’s capacity to streamline our daily operations, learning is enhanced as a result. Edval is changing the way we think about our work. Andrew FitzSimons, Principal, Dapto High School

Andrew FitzSimons, Principal, Dapto High School

We had initially thought that the Edval parent teacher interview system was an efficient way to book interviews on the web, but we soon realised it is a whole new way of thinking about how the event is scheduled. Parents requesting interviews in order seems to make a big difference and we were pleasantly surprised with the results. Our parents seemed very supportive of the new approach, which reflected well on the school. The approach seems to be far more educationally orientated as it encourages attendance from parents who may not otherwise have come or even been told of the event. We found the system very capable in managing complex family relationships such as various sibling links and non-custodial parents. Teachers are now able to see who missed out on interviews with them and how important was these interviews to the parents.. or how involved each parent is in the event itself. This information is valuable, and enables us to better respond to issues and monitor and encourage greater parental involvement in the education process. We are very happy with the system and also the strong support provided by Edval.

Jane Rogers, Academic Dean, Launceston Church Grammar School, TAS

Our parent Teacher interviews went very smoothly using EdvalPTN. The parents seemed to love it, and we had triple the number of interviews we usually have booked. Two parents commented that they had not previously come to these interview sessions as their child didn’t tell them about it, but the online system made it easier to get interviews organised. We also found that despite a large increase in interview numbers, many of our teachers were able to go home hours earlier, as the system scheduled their interviews close to the start of the night. We found it very easy and quick to get the event setup. We had very few parents call to say they did not have internet access, but our office staff were able to lodge these requests on the spot. We were very pleased with the event booking system, and are certainly keen to continue using it.

Kevin McHugh, Deputy Principal, MT Carmel College, SA

We had signed off our elective lines already, but the Edval consultant wanted to see if they could do better. They were able to show we could totally cut two whole classes and yet still satisfy more preferences than the lines we had proposed to run. This was just an amazing difference (especially for a relatively small school), and was achieved so quickly and easily. Edval seems to be a very powerful package, and allows us to do what we need to do in our timetable. We also paid for some additional support, and found Mary and others to be extremely helpful in this. We are exceedingly happy with Edval and highly recommend it to other schools.

Robert Aerlic, Timetabler, Matraville Sports High School

Our College used the EdvalPTN system for parent teacher interviews and found it to be excellent. We first used the off-line module, but the last one was done using the online PTN module as well. Both were very easy to use. We found there were far more interviews than usual , and had a lot of parents who had never come to these events previously. We were initially worried that more parents would not like using a website, but found it was the reverse as parents loved having the control over the system. The parent priority levels for requesting interviews seemed to work well in equity of allocations. We would not consider returning back to a paper system as the Edval one makes such a difference. It was interesting to see such an impact gained from having parents ‘request interviews’ rather than ‘book’ them as the system is very different to traditional methods. The booking module has worked very well for our college, as has all the other Edval technologies we use.

David Hamaty, Director of Operations, Nowra Anglican College

We have been with Edval for several years. We are very pleased with the elective line generation and have found it superior to the previous software we were using. The timetable software is logical and easy to use. It makes day to day school timetable management efficient and easy.
The daily cover module is extremely useful and has made my work more efficient and more accurate. The Edval company is responsive to user suggestions and has an excellent support service.

David Russell, Director of Studies, Green Point Christian College, NSW

Our school is extremely short on rooms, which is a constant problem. Edval Timetables was able to produce a great solution for our school just one day after we submitted the final requirements to them. We are extremely pleased with the efficient rooming, perfect staffing, excellent class spreads and the fact that the process was just so easy.
We also found Edval produced far better elective lines than our previous timetable software, meaning more student choices satisfied.

Kitty Guerin, Principal, Our Lady of Mercy College, Parramatta, NSW

Since adopting Edval, Danebank has enjoyed a much better timetable solution, and found the process extremely easy. Edval was able to improve almost every aspect, with great rooming, class spreads and more. Our school has many part time staff, yet Edval was able to deliver an outstanding result. I also found the Edval consultants to be knowledgeable from the experience of working with many different schools, and we chose to adopt several of their recommendations.
The software, service and solutions are excellent, and I would happily recommend Edval to any other school.

Warwick Fogden, Deputy Principal, Danebank An Anglican School For Girls, NSW

Presently we are undertaking an investigation into the optimal schedule for the school day. We currently have a six period day and with the use of Edval we have been able to create a model for a four period day, automatically generate a trial staffing in seconds and build a timetable overnight. Edval has also been used to complete rooming and it successfully completed a yard duty roster in seconds – all of excellent quality. We were then able to easily change the curriculum pie and do it all again. This has given us immediate information regarding the impact of these possible curriculum changes on the budget, the room usage, bottlenecks, excess/needs in staffing, spread and quality issues.
Our investigation into the optimal schedule of the school day would not be as advanced if we were using our old software as it would have taken far longer and also reduced the possible avenues of investigation as fewer models could have been produced in the timeframe allocated.
We are excited about the timetabling capabilities of Edval.

David Nichols, Deputy Principal, Balwyn High School, VIC

Edval has transformed the timetabling operation at Sydney Girls High. From the initial electronic capture of student choices through to the final electronic version of student and teacher timetables now available in staffrooms, our procedures have been streamlined. The saving in time for timetablers and the ease of manipulation of data have helped reduced stress and shorten timelines for completion of key tasks.
The capacity to shuffle students across courses and optimise their choices was particularly impressive. Similarly the speed with which complex staffing problems could be solved by Edval and which removed the need for lengthy analysis by timetablers to find solutions was a key feature of this timetable package.
Once the timetable was in operation the ease with which students could be removed or added to classes or a different teacher or room could be assigned to a class improved the general efficiency of our systems in the school.
Being a fairly intuitive program, it allowed others to be inducted into its usage relatively easily, which was an advantage with changing personnel. The add-ons such as “Whereis” to locate students or teachers quickly or book classrooms on line have proved highly popular with both teaching and administrative staff.
The level of support provided by Edval personnel was perhaps its greatest strength. Updates were regularly made, technical information patiently conveyed , issues identified, sensible suggestions put forward, possibilities exhaustively explored and realistic solutions found.

Noel Thomsen, Deputy Principal, Sydney Girls High School, NSW

I had never done any timetabling or used a timetable package when I was dragooned onto the Timetable Team. With just two days of quality training, I was able to produce the school timetable in record time, using Edval. The 2009 timetable ran perfectly from day one with better rooming than in past years. My colleagues who had been so frustrated with our previous product could not believe the intuitive nature of the Edval software and time saving features.

Chris Pendergast, Head Teacher Industrial Arts, Erskine Park High School, NSW

The entire timetabling process this year with Edval has been a dream, saving us time and headaches. I can’t believe how quickly the timetable was fully constructed by your software, or how great the classes are spread. I thought it may be difficult managing our complicated 90 minute prac periods together with the normal 60 minute periods, but it went very well. It is certainly the best timetable we have had so far. Also the programs ability to change individual teacher’s timetables every time I change the master is a godsend – it’s just so easy. I would be very happy to recommend Edval to any other school!

Peter Meintanis, Dean of Senior Programs, St Spyridon College, Maroubra, NSW

I am amazed. Our new timetabler had no previous timetabling experience and had to learn a new program and produce a timetable within 4 weeks. She achieved a fantastic result with Edval. No other product could be as easy to learn.

Amanda Parslow, Director of Curriculum, Tenison Woods College, SA

We have found Edval to be wonderful and certainly far better than any other timetabling system. I used The Timetabler at my previous school, but find Edval far easier to use, while also offering so many more features. We use Edval as part of our planning process, and love the fact so many features are highly automated – as well as the solutions being of excellent quality. We have found very few missed preferences in our elective line generation, and the EdvalDaily is ideal for doing staff covers, as it is just so efficient. Edval’s close integration with our admin system iWise is also very handy, and Edval’s support network is great. We happily recommend Edval to any other school.

Lisa Lane, Administration Coordinator, Our Lady of Mercy College, Parramatta, NSW

We used Edval for the first time last year and were delighted when almost all of our students’ first preferences in Year 11 were able to be satisfied, which is better than the results from our previous timetable software. Some late staffing changes meant that the timetable had to be changed, and this was quickly and easily accomplished. We have found Edval easy to learn and use, and are very happy with it. The Edval WebChoice system was also quite efficient in getting students to register their subject selections over the web.

Dinah Rawlinson, Deputy Principal Curriculum, Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College, NSW

We chose Edval for our school at a time when our key timetabling personnel were about to leave. Edval has enabled us to record the vital information held by our outgoing timetabler giving us a seamless transition. At the same time, we implemented a new timetable structure which required some early remodelling and this was achieved very quickly and easily with Edval. The yard duty module alone has saved us days of work compared to the old methods. Edval consultants have supported us every step of the way, their response time is surely second to none. I can thoroughly recommend Edval to any other school.

Jackie Allison, Campus Manager, Pakenham Secondary College, VIC

We run a K-12 school of around 2000 pupils across two campuses. We approached Edval quite late in the year and were impressed when they were able to deliver a timetable within three days of receiving our completed requirements. Last year we had many senior classes running off the timetable, which was creating problems of both staffing and rooming as students needed to be managed over their study periods. This year Edval managed to bring a lot of these back onto the timetable which has been a great help. The Edval solution also made better use of our limited Science labs, and overall was a big improvement over our former timetabling software. We used to budget for over 400 staff hours to complete the timetable, but Edval has proved more cost effective, as well as providing a very fast solution for our school.

Rob Abbey, IT Director, SCEGS Redlands, Cremorne, NSW

In a scenario that is sure to be faced by many schools in the near future, our long-standing staff timetabler decided to retire from this duty. No other member of staff wanted to take on the role, and a decision was made to search for an appropriate computer program to accomplish the task. Our school initially chose Edval for our timetable creation because it appeared to be very cost and time efficient. We found the program was easy to set up with the parameters for our individual school, and was easy to modify to suit local needs. The prompt advice from Dr Tim Cooper and turnaround with changes to the program has made it a very user-friendly way to produce a timetable, without having to train someone in the theory of timetabling. An extremely useful function is the ability to see the timetable so easily in so many modes: individual student, whole school, faculty, staff per day, rooms per day, class lists and many more. The various formats for the timetable are easy to change by “dragging and dropping” elements. Since all elements of the program are linked, the changes are instantly made in all areas of the program. This has made it easy to see what effects staff changes or room changes might have on the overall timetable, and to make decisions about future needs. The elective line construction is extremely quick and easy using Edval and we have had great success in creating lines that suit most of our students’ preferences. Our staff have found it of great benefit to be able to access up to date timetable information regarding classes, rooms and individual staff and student timetables in a very easy to read format.

Gaynor Mackinnon, Director of Teaching and Learning, St Lukes Grammar School

We have a very restrictive timetable, and are very short on rooms. Nevertheless Edval was able to solve our entire timetable from kindergarten to Yr12, perfectly. We suddenly found our limited science labs had been slightly better scheduled, meaning more classes got the correct educational resources they needed for teaching. We also found teachers timetables to be more efficient and compact with more days off. The entire process was so easy. With any variations we asked for, Edval was able to supply us a completed timetable for both our primary and senior schools on the same day, which is just unheard of! We definitely got value for money.

Lourdes Mejia, Acting Deputy Principal, Tangara School for Girls, Cherrybrook NSW

We have used Edval for several years and simply think it is the best system by far. The daily covers with it are just so easy and are a big time saver. Edval is so powerful and there is always someone to answer your technical or timetable questions at any time, and the quality of their solutions is great. We love it.

Frank Chiment, Deputy Principal & Tina Harb, Curriculum Coordinator, Saint Marouns College, NSW

Although SHCS is not a particularly large school, the timetabling has always posed a challenge as we maximise use of resources and providing students with the best possible opportunities in a school of this size. The school recently chose to compare the Edval Timetables suite against the previous timetable software First Class, and found that Edval was able to provide significantly better results in the educational spread of classes, as well as rooming. The school ran with a solution produced from the old system for several weeks, before switching to one produced by Edval and a survey returned by all staff showed they found it to be much better. In addition we found the staff cover module to be extremely efficient, with relatively complex features, and staff love the Whereis module for looking up class lists and timetables at any time. We would have no hesitation in recommending Edval to any other school looking for an efficient timetabling solution.

Geoff Peet, Deputy Principal, Southern Highlands Christian School, Bowral, NSW

Edval was recommended to me by a colleague who knew that this would be a great help to me in my new role at a new school. Her advice was invaluable. The team at Edval has been fantastic, working closely with me to attain an excellent solution, despite the fact that the process was started quite late in the year. Within days of submitting our final requirements we were given a complete timetable solution. Our school has extremely tight requirements, with teachers almost solely dedicated to classes at the outset and not permitting any swaps. Many other factors inhibit flexibility such as multiple semester classes that must run together, and tutorial classes that tie teachers and students together across all years at once for several days per cycle. Despite this, Edval was able to cater to virtually all our requirements. Whenever we made minor requests for adjustments, Edval provided us with a totally new timetable solution within days. The software is easy to use and allows clear printing of teachers’ and students’ timetables, as well as having many other useful features. I would highly recommend Edval to any other school.

Megan Krimmer, Director of Learning and Teaching, Northholm Grammar, Arcadia, NSW

Our school has been outsourcing the timetable construction for several years. We looked closely at Edval due to the integration with Edumate, and found the process to be much easier, far more cost effective, and did not require any inter-state travel. When several key staff changes were suddenly advised very close to the start of school, I thought we would have to run for a few weeks with a range of problems while the timetable was re-done. Edval totally re-did our entire timetable an hour after the changes were requested, with pleasing results. I am amazed at the speed and ease of making changes to the timetable.

Simon Godden, Deputy Principal, Nowra Anglican College, NSW

A colleague suggested that we look at Edval when our longstanding timetabler left, and I was asked to take over the role with no experience. Edval was so easy to learn and use, and our final timetable accommodated all the requirements of our large number of part-time teachers. The support from the staff at Edval was incredible, helping me to appreciate so many aspects of the timetable about which I had not previously given any thought, and in producing a perfectly completed timetable in a couple of days.

Meni Contos, Senior School Coordinator, Head of Maths, McDonald College, NSW

EdvalPTN has been very helpful to our school, not only in the opportunity to automatically print individual parent request forms, but in the quality of the parent teacher interview schedule itself. The close integration with the main school timetable means there are no errors in the parent interview schedule, and it is just so easy. A lot of our teachers have commented that they have been able to be granted a lot more interviews with EdvalPTN, and there is a lot less waiting time for parents as the schedule is always quite compact. The module has made life a lot easier to administer parent teacher nights and we highly recommend it to other schools.

Sue MacMaster, Studies Coordinator, Our Lady of Mercy College, NSW

We moved from a student-led system of interview booking to using EdvalPTN. Parents were very impressed with the new system and many contacted the school to thank us for making the change. We were able to satisfy more interview requests and at the same time have fewer parents waiting at any one time. In turn this meant we were able to use a smaller (and warmer) venue. Teachers also benefited by having more streamlined interviews allowing some to finish early.

Nicky Jellesma, Office Manager, Tenison Woods College, SA

Edval has taken the anxiety out of timetabling for me since 1998. It’s as simple as data entry then manipulation to alter the matrix to suit the College’s conditions. My staff really like the access they have to all relevant aspects of the timetable and constantly comment on its user friendliness. I appreciate that they are readily contactable, and any new conditions I require to be put onto the programme are dealt with quickly. I would and have recommended this timetable package to several other schools.

Beth Barba, Head of Curriculum, Masada College, St Ives, NSW

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